Discover Medang Island

Pulau Medang is a beautiful small Indonesian island in the Indonesian archipelago, tucked into the Sumbawa subdistrict and home to 3000 inhabitants.   To find us you first need to fly to Sumbawa on the eastern tip of West Nusa Tengarra. From there it is a 3 hour trip by motor boat from Goa Beach to Pulau Medang. 

The people live in 2 villages Bugis and Bajo. We are 3 ethnic groups and customs - Bugis, Bajo and Mandar - living in harmony with each other. The majority of the inhabitants make their livelihood as fishermen, farmers and labourers as well as cow, water buffalo and goat breeders.   It is a simply beautiful island full of sandy beaches, hilly ridges, mangroves and great local food.

However plastic pollution is rife. This is because we get plastics washed onto the beaches from the open ocean as well as our own villages who throw away plastic.  They have been doing so because they don’t know how bad this is for nature and also our own health and future. Now we all know different and we are looking for solutions to solve our problem and teach our neighbouring islands how to do the same.

thank you being a part of our crazy adventure

To Change The Earth - One Island at a Time