A Community Inspiring Environmental Transformation

our vision

For Medang to be plastic free by 2021, removing trash from our waters and reducing our own use.  Educating at schools and in the community about solid waste management and providing support. Purchasing a pyrolysis machine to turn plastic to diesel, kerosene and gasoline and create a circular economy, as well as reducing fuel costs for villagers.

To be the catalyst for other small islands - making change one island at a time

Our logo stands for a movement of consciousness, a coming together to be aware of a set of problems. We wish to change the situation we are now and are being guided by the 4 principles of refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. By using these 4 principles we can make Pulau Medang free from plastic rubbish.

• The gold symbolises glory, wealth and prosperity
• The green symbolises the circle of life

Where is Medang?

Pulau Medang is a beautiful small Indonesian island in the Indonesian archipelago, tucked into the Sumbawa subdistrict and home to 3000 inhabitants.

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What We Do?

More and more plastics are being consumed everyday and inevitably some of these wind up in our oceans to float along until they land on our little island.

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What is Pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis has been used since ancient times to turn wood into charcoal.

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How to Donate?

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thank you being a part of our crazy adventure

To Change The Earth - One Island at a Time